Teacher Workshops

Alyse Korn is available to teach Music Mind Games:

  • Individual Teacher Training
  • Suzuki Institute Workshops
  • Teacher Training 1-Day Workshops

Contact Alyse for information on organizing and scheduling a workshop, and workshop pricing.

Music Mind Games

Michiko Yurko’s Music Mind Games were developed as a method for teaching music theory, note reading skills, and ear training effortlessly and effectively using fun games. Music Mind Games are exciting to play with the teacher in a private lesson to introduce and reinforce music theory concepts, with the parent at home during practice, and with other students in group lessons.

The games progress from basic skills, such as identifying simple rhythmic patterns and recognizing lines and spaces on the musical staff, to advanced concepts such as inversions of triads and rhythmic and melodic dictation.

The Games were designed to teach very young children all the way through advanced students and adults. Student learning is assessed instantly as the games are played, and each concept is memorized and mastered in a fun way before the next concept is introduced. For more information on this innovative method, visit the Music Mind Games website.

Participants’ reactions

“I wanted to let you know that I went to a Music Mind Games 1-day workshop with Alyse Korn. It was such a great experience. I wanted to thank you for the time that you spent with me in Los Angeles to give me a foundation for the Unit 1 training. Thank you, thank you! I have been using it with my students and it has been astounding to see how easily they assimilate it!”
—Alyssa CC

“Music Mind Games is a superb method to integrate into any and all music programs”
—Robin J.

“This workshop challenges even the most advanced students and teachers”