Community Service

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one community service program each year, such as the Music Students’ Service League (MSSL) sponsored by the Music Teachers’ Association of California-Ventura County branch. MSSL students have the opportunity to organize projects, events, and performances, and develop individual leadership skills. MSSL projects include student performances at local events, senior homes, mentoring younger students, organizing and volunteering at community youth music programs, and participating at community fundraising events.

Most middle and high schools (public and private) grant credit hours for participation in the MSSL program. Students who serve on the MSSL Board of Directors gain valuable leadership experience. Students interested in MSSL may join at anytime. There are no membership fees or dues. Several of my students are past MSSL Board members, so if you are interested in participating, just let me know. Please share your music! It’s a wonderful gift to our community.  Apply online at the MTAC website.