Online Piano Lessons

Piano, Jazz Piano, Theory, Composition, Improvisation and Audition Prep from University of Miami and CalArts Alumni

Alyse Korn is available to teach online lessons for students located beyond the Ojai Valley. 

Do you want to learn about piano, Jazz piano, improvisation, harmony, composition or arranging? Be able to play at recitals, concerts or events in your hometown? Be admitted to a jazz school or music college? Build a solid repertoire, become proficient at playing standards, compose songs, or maybe put your own band together or feel comfortable joining an existing band?

Alyse offers online piano lessons that are well suited for:

  • students ages 7 and up, Alyse enjoys and specializes in starting young beginners and adult beginners.
  • pianists of all styles (jazz, blues, pop, R&B…) and levels including adventurous classically trained pianists who feel the urge to explore improvisation and swing feel;
  • all other instrumentalists eager to either strengthen their basic piano skills or deepen the practice of improvisation on their principal instrument;
  • vocalists who wish to hone their piano accompaniment skills;
  • and finally writers and computer musicians committed to improving in the areas of harmony, arranging, composition, improvisation, and enthusiastic about incorporating these techniques into their productions.

Contact Alyse at to schedule your online lessons today!