School Policies

A free exchange of information is essential for scheduling and successful easy learning during lessons.

  • Please call at other times than the lesson to talk with the teacher and discuss any issue or questions regarding the student/lessons that would be best be discussed in private.
  • Please let the teacher know what assistance can be given before, during, or after the lesson to promote better understanding and/or cooperation by the student.
  • Parents are responsible for checking the monthly studio calendar for notification of upcoming events and of when the studio is closed.


Regular weekly attendance is crucial for progress to be made. Your teacher’s commitment to the parent and student is a continual one. It means committing to and actively considering the needs of every student enrolled in the program.

  • The Suzuki Piano School has a No Make-Up policy. If there is a school emergency and a scheduled lesson is canceled by the teacher, it will be made up.
  • Parents may use the swap list to try to switch lessons with another family, and then notify the teacher of any changes. If you do have to miss a lesson, please contact the studio as soon as you know; FaceTime lessons may be scheduled during your regular lesson time in the case of an illness, you may text or email home videos to your teacher to be viewed during your regular lesson time and you will receive an updated home practice plan, if there is an opening that week caused by another student’s cancellation, you will be contacted and offered the other time. If you do not receive a call, then no make-up is available and you should just come to your lesson the following week.
  • The lesson schedule during the summer is more flexible than during the school year. At the beginning of the summer, students notify the teacher of their vacation plans and lessons that will be missed can typically be rescheduled to a different week. Families who will be gone for extended periods in the summer should give more advanced notice so that adequate plans can be made. Tuition is always due for all months of the tuition agreement, regardless of a vacation or absence.
  • The student and parent should not attend any lesson, class, program or event suffering with any infectious or contagious illness or disease and/or having had a fever within 24 hours of attendance.


Tuition rates are determined by the program. Tuition for an ongoing annual program such as individual lessons and group classes is paid in advance, bi-anually, on the first day of the month due by cash, check, Zelle or Venmo (split tuition fees apply). The annual program contains 34 weeks of lessons/classes. Some months will have more lessons and some will have less. Tuition for workshops and special enrichment programs is due in full by the registration deadline date.
Please call the office for specific Tuition Rates. 661-510-7506


Materials include books, CDs, footstools, adjustable benches, sheet music, and other necessary items for your lesson and practice at home. This is determined by the program and your teacher. Your teacher will let you know when additional or new materials are needed through out the year. Parents are responsible for purchasing all materials as requested by your teacher. A list of where to shop for materials will be provided.

Other Fees

  • $50 Fee for each installment payment
  • $50 NSF Fee charged on all RETURNED CHECKS.
  • $50 Late Fee charged on payments received AFTER the 1st of the month.
  • Fees are subject to change at any time.


A 30-days written notice is required to withdraw from the school. A withdrawal form must be completed, signed and returned to your teacher. If 30-days notice is not received a $175 withdrawal fee will be charged. Email notice is NOT acceptable.


Requirements for transferring a student to OSPS are:

  • Support and cooperate with the other teacher, student and parents for the smoothest possible transition.
  • Assurance from the parents and/or other teacher that all personal and financial obligations have been met.

The policies of the school are set to ensure consistency, safety, and provide school operations information to all parents and students. These policies are agreed to at the time of registration and are subject to change at any time.