Online Piano Lessons

Considering piano lessons for your child or yourself? The Suzuki Piano School of Ojai is ready to welcome you.

We offer:

  • Programs For All Ages and Levels
  • Twinkler Group Piano Classes for ages 4 & 5
  • Individual Lessons for ages 6 years to adult
  • Instruction In All Styles & Genres
  • Group Performance & Theory Classes
  • Piano Ensembles

If you are interested in signing up your child for lessons, please email Alyse or call to schedule an appointment to observe an online lesson with an enrolled student. Lessons begin with observation of other students. The observation period is normally about a month.

Beginning students and their parents need to listen to the CD of the music in Book 1 for at least a month, to become familiar with the songs and be ready for lessons at the piano. Parents are asked to begin reading “Ability Development From Age Zero” by Dr. Suzuki.

Please have your piano tuned and order supplies and materials, including an adjustable bench and footstool (as needed). Alyse Korn will schedule an online home visit to check that all of the supplies and home environment are prepared. Once the observation period is complete, you may register, pay for tuition, and schedule a lesson time-slot.

Reasons to Choose Us

• We believe that musical ability can be developed in all children.
• We start students at very young ages.
• We encourage parents to play an active role in the learning process.
• We train children to play beautifully before learning to read music.
• We require students to perform frequently, individually and in groups.
• We offer a nurturing and stimulating musical learning environment.
• We personalize individual instruction.
• We are university trained and advanced Suzuki Method teacher training registered.