The main goals of the Suzuki philosophy are to help students:

  • build a noble soul.
  • develop an appreciation of beauty.
  • give a sense of purpose to life.
  • learn the discipline of acquiring a skill.
  • become fine human beings.

Members of the Ojai Suzuki Piano School accept the principles stated in Nurtured by Love and other writings by Shinichi Suzuki and other leaders in the Talent Education movement.

The main goals of the Suzuki philosophy are for everyone:

  • to respond to the needs of each student
  • to encourage growth
  • to establish mutual respect among students, parents and teachers
  • to set a good example
  • to strive for excellence
  • to be honest
  • to emphasize cooperation over competition

Goals for parents

Parents are basic to and a vital part of the Suzuki education process. Parents select and provide the environment and support for the child in every way.
Suzuki parents create the environment for optimum musical growth by setting the example of daily discipline by being willing to:

  • Attend and carefully observe lessons.
  • Prepare physically and mentally for the lesson.
  • Schedule and supervise daily practice sessions.
  • Do the best to have positive, productive and cheerful practice sessions.
  • Play the CD for multiple hours daily.
  • Support and cooperate with the teacher’s instructions and practice procedures.
  • Plan opportunities for the student(s) to observe others in performance, such as recitals and concerts.
  • Play the finest recorded music in the home and car.
  • Raise the morale and increase the self esteem of the child in every way possible.
  • Provide the best equipment financially possible.
  • Provide practice incentives if necessary.
  • Find something in the child to praise every day.

Parents further set the example of the Suzuki spirit by helping and supporting all students by being willing to:

  • Recognize and appreciate every child, without comparing one child with another.
  • Offer positive support and encouragement for all class/studio members who participate, listen and perform.
  • Support the teacher and members of the studio by following studio policies.
  • Participate in and support the activities of studio

Goals for students

Children are our country’s most important and valuable resource. To reach the highest potential, we encourage each student to:

  • Show respect for their instrument and equipment, and that of others
  • Cooperate with parents, teachers and other students
  • Be a willing and co-operative listener
  • Commit to cheerful daily practice
  • Come to the lesson with my lesson practice record completed each week
  • Prepare my notebook, music, practice sheets, practice spirals, 100’s club, written work lessons, and bring all necessary materials to and from the piano
  • Attend lessons and recitals regularly
  • Support and encourage other students
  • Wear clean socks in the lesson
  • Wash hands before every lesson
  • Avoid bringing in food or drink into the lesson
  • Remember to put into practice Dr. Suzuki’s two main axioms:
  • “Practice only on the days you eat.”
  • “Never ever give up.”

​Goals for the teacher

The teacher provides the model for the student by:

  • Continuing education in the Suzuki philosophy and methods
  • Upgrading teaching and performance skills
  • Maintaining an organized studio
  • Showing respect for students, parents and teachers
  • Encouraging parents and students by being supportive, courteous and honest
  • Providing avenues and opportunities to improve and build the child’s self esteem.