Enrichment Programs

Theory and Performance Group Classes – Piano Parties

Theory and Performance group classes (Piano Parties) are held every 12 weeks throughout the school year for school age students. Attendance is mandatory for 75% of all Theory and Performance group classes. At the classes, students benefit from and receive positive feedback through performance practice in a relaxed familiar atmosphere. Other workshop activities include composition, improvisation, Music Mind Games group theory, music history projects, and ensemble practice. The workshops are a positive, fun experience for everyone. Piano Performance Parties for adult students are held twice per year.

Parent Class

Parent class is an educational enrichment class for parents of Suzuki students and meets for an hour on a Saturday afternoon, two times per school year. Topics include: “Nurtured by Love,”  an introduction to the Suzuki method and philosophy, Helping Parents Practice: ideas for making it easier, Parents as Partners, and Ages and Stages.

Music Lab

A portion of the lesson will be in the music lab (age appropriate). The student will work independently at the computer and midi keyboard through a series of progressive and planned assignments in theory, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm training, music appreciation, and ensemble performance practice. A parent or guardian must accompany students in the lab through grade 5.

The Music Lab Rules of Conduct

  • Young students in the music lab must be supervised by an adult or teen assistant.
  • The student uses the headphones and talks quietly if necessary.
  • The student completes the lesson assignment for the day to the best of his/her ability, and records the daily scores in the lab notebook provided.
  • Please do not disturb the lesson at the piano in progress. If there is a problem in the lab you may ask another student or parent for assistance or choose another activity.


Recitals are required for all school age students. Recital performance is an important goal that builds confidence and self-esteem as well as moves the student to advancement. The annual studio recital is held in the spring at a local performance hall. Our spring recital includes an awards ceremony for Suzuki Book 1 graduations, MTAC sponsored Certificate Of Merit, Composers Today, Improvisation Evaluation, Community Outreach, Piano Olympics, Royal Conservatory Exams.

Recital Participation Requirements:

  • Recitals are for students of the Suzuki Piano School of Santa Clarita only.
  • All keyboard pieces must be performed by memory. Ensembles may use their music.
  • Students must be mature enough to sit alone for the entire recital as they are required to sit with the other participants.
  • Beginners must have taken at least 6 months of lessons with their teacher.
  • Students are to bow before and after playing
  • If extra equipment is needed for performance, the student must bring that equipment themselves.
  • All students are required to wear semi-formal attire for the recital. Boys must wear dress shirts (short or long sleeves), dress pants and dress or dress-casual shoes. No jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, flip-flops or sandals. Girls must wear dressy dresses, skirts and blouses or pant suits. Skirts and dresses should have no more than 2 inches above the knee. Tops must have at least 3-inch shoulder straps. Tops must cover the midriff area. No more than a 2 inch heel is recommended. Students must be able to walk comfortably in their shoes to the piano and be able to pedal comfortably.

Suzuki Piano Graduation Ceremony

Graduating Suzuki Book 1 students prepare and submit a recording or video of all book 1 pieces to the teacher. The student may complete an in home graduation concert. Otherwise, they will receive their graduation award at our annual recital and awards ceremony in the spring.

Suzuki Books 2 – 8 graduation recitals are sponsored by the Suzuki Music Association of California/Los Angeles branch. All eligible students submit an application, fee and YouTube recording of their graduation piece from Suzuki books 2 and up. The student receives an evaluation and is invited to perform at the graduation ceremony held in Pasadena each spring. Each graduating student will receive a certificate and pin.