Summer Suzuki

Summer Suzuki institutes are special camps that provide an intensive musical experience for families with children who currently study an instrument through the Suzuki Method. Institutes are located in all regions of the U.S. and Canada, offering activities for students, parents and teachers in one-week sessions throughout the summer. Families enjoy attending the institute together and participating in a wide range of musical and enrichment activities.

SAA-approved summer Suzuki institutes follow specific SAA guidelines in providing training for teachers and activities for students and parents. Institutes are sponsored by independent organizations, schools, and programs throughout the U.S. and Canada, and Festivals in Latin America offer similar opportunities.

Each year new and experienced families enjoy the exciting musical experiences available at Suzuki Institutes across the region and go home inspired to continue their work during the year. Institutes provide a unique opportunity for families to focus on music outside the usual constraints of daily life.

Institute offerings include masterclasses, group classes, and recitals as well as enrichment courses that range from theory, improvisation, and chamber music to choir, drama, and fiddling. Parents attend classes with their children. Many institutes also offer lectures and discussion groups for parents, special activities for siblings, and social events such as picnics and family fun nights.